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An exclusive, private and personal space for healing, we offer a holistic approach to mental health and wellness. Anchored in research and evidence-based practice, we provide proven therapy techniques with confidentiality, compassion and sensitivity, helping you develop healthy coping mechanisms to face life's challenges.

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About BE Psychology Center

BE Psychology Center for Emotional Wellbeing is an exclusive therapy practice, which is home to a team of highly-trained Psychologists in Dubai.

We offer bespoke and personalized treatment plans to help you make sustainable life changes and achieve your goals on your journey to Be.

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We provide discrete and confidential mental health care and support for adults, couples, children and adolescents

Our team of caring, supportive and highly-qualified psychologists offer unwavering care and compassion from Dubai's Jumeirah Lake Towers, guiding you to transform your wellbeing with unparalleled expertise.

Individual Psychotherapy

Our Individual Counseling services focus on prioritizing the needs of each client and tailoring the therapy to achieve their therapeutic goals.

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Child Adolescent Therapy

Our child therapy services focus on providing children and young adults who are struggling developmentally, emotionally or behaviorally to achieve a higher level of well being and functioning.

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Couples Marriage Counseling

A common goal of marriage counseling is to improve verbal and non-verbal communication, identify strengths in both yourself and your partner, and increase intimacy.

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Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance abuse is a psychological disorder characterized by the inability of the individual to stop consuming and using a legal or illegal substance.

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Anger Management

It is a common emotion we are equipped to feel. Uncontrolled anger, however, can be an easy way to discharge negative emotions without processing or dealing with it.

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Anxiety Therapy

If you struggle with anxiety, it can affect your personal and professional life. You don't have to deal with it alone. We offer total anonymity and privacy throughout the process of recovery.

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Family Therapy

Our psychologists are focused on increasing the connections between family members and teaching them coping mechanisms in a way to reduce stress and bring relatives closer.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of Psychotherapy and talk Therapy that focuses on challenging the individual’s thoughts (cognitions) and offer functional coping mechanisms.

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Eating Disorder Therapy

An Eating Disorders Psychologist or a Food psychologist works closely with the client on possible issues related to food, body image, childhood trauma and unresolved emotions.

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Depression Treatment

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), since 2020 depression is the second cause of disability in the world.

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Burnout Prevention Treatment

Our Individual Counseling services focus on prioritizing the needs of each client and tailoring the therapy to achieve their therapeutic goals.

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A handpicked team of highly-qualified psychologists

At BE Psychology Centre, we bring together specialists from multiple psychotherapy approaches, applying a range of assessment tools to create bespoke treatment plans that help our clients reach their goals.

Meet the Team

Why choose BE Psychology Center?

We focus on providing holistic evidence-based therapy tailored to each individual, with confidentiality, compassion and kindness.

As a boutique Psychology Center, we give you the space and support you need to navigate any mental health or wellbeing challenges you might be facing.

We're here to hear your story.

  • Holistic 360-degree treatment
  • Bespoke treatment programs
  • Focused, personalized attention
  • Absolute discretion and privacy
  • Therapeutic approaches anchored in research and evidence-based practice

Qualified Arabic Speaking Psychologists in Dubai

We here at BE Psychology Center understand and appreciate the importance of expression through an individual’s native language. Through our experiences, people find it easier to express their feelings when it is done in their mother tongue. Some of the psychologists here at BE Psychology provide therapy in both Arabic and English.

We are committed to understanding the different presenting cultures and integrating them into the therapy room with the aim of helping our clients without feeling judged. We adhere to the highest ethical standards of confidentiality, professional conduct, and commitment to the mental health of our clients. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke services and our psychologists are trained in the latest evidence-based interventions that show the best possible outcomes. We believe treatment should be tailored to the individual’s needs and ensure that our clients feel heard and supported in a safe and compassionate environment.

At BE Psychology Center, we have adopted a holistic approach to mental health and wellness. Our center brings together specialists from different approaches and techniques, who apply a range of assessment tools to guide the treatment plan and help their clients achieve their goals.

Our Arabic-speaking psychologists are skilled in providing individual psychotherapy often requested by individuals with feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress and who struggle with difficulties such as eating disorders and substance abuse. At BE Psychology we offer the opportunity to explore the different feelings in a safe and comfortable environment. It is an opportunity for individuals to reflect on themselves and their upbringing. Individual psychotherapy can help clients with relational, emotional, and behavioral problems. Sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis for the amount of time agreed between the psychologist and the client. Our Arabic-speaking psychologists aim to help individuals with various psychological problems such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Panic attacks
  • Relationship problems
  • Fluctuating moods
  • Eating disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Substance-related and substance dependence
  • Social isolation
  • Relationships problems
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide
  • Expulsion from school and academic struggles
  • Addressing bullying
  • Neuropsychological assessments

Our Mission as Counselors

BE Psychology Center’s mission is dedicated toward offering a safe, compassionate and confidential environment for therapy in Dubai. We believe that Mental health is as important as physical health and are committed to provide Counseling services to as many people in the community as we can.

Our Founder Reem Shaheen is a graduate Psychologist of New York University where she received training on adult counseling and therapy. She further continued her education at the Center of the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia (CSAB) where she trained extensively on the latest evidence practice therapy approaches for Eating Disorders and substance abuse. Reem has been in private practice for 12 years now, having practiced in NYC, Cairo and now in Dubai. She brings an eclectic understanding to Counseling and aims for BE Psychology Center to be an exclusive boutique Therapy clinic in Dubai.

FAQ’s about Psychotherapy

Over the years, individuals have been seeking therapy for a number of reasons:

  1. Psychological Disorders: When struggling with Mental illness such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse, Eating Disorders, and phobias many individuals seek the help of a psychologist for them have the opportunity of discussing the underlying reasons that led to the development of the disorder as well as coping mechanisms with symptoms.
  2. Distress / support / coping: In life individuals often go through life changes such as moving, breaking up, a stressful job that can lead to general feelings of distress. Psychotherapy can provide an opportunity to examine those stressors in a safe environment. A therapist can help explore coping mechanisms and options for those conditions.
  3. Communication: Some people struggle with communicating with loved ones and family members. Others struggle with resolving conflicts. Meeting with a Psychologist can often help in identifying those difficulties by exploring effective communication skills and feeling more constructive.
  4. Self-Exploration: Psychotherapy can be an opportunity for emotional growth and a deeper understanding of themselves. This exploration is then used to determine career goals, personal relationships, and life choices.

A counseling psychologist helps clients through talk therapy. The therapist works on building a trust bond between himself and the client in order for them to open up about distressing issues in their lives. Psychotherapy provides a clear mind for one to identify their patterns of relating, and communicating. A psychologist also provides tools of skills that help individuals deal with their daily struggles. Psychotherapists also help clients identify their strengths that they can use to manage and overcome their problems.

You should seek a Psychologist who is trained and has professional expertise in the area which you are struggling with. It is important to ask your Psychologist about their work experience and their training in treating individuals with similar issues to yours.

Further, the relationship between therapist and client is key to achieving healing hence it is crucial that you examine the connection with your therapist on the first few sessions. The connection can be irrelevant to the therapist’s skills. Counseling is a relationship between a Psychologist and a client hence they must have a good connection. That helps the client feel safe and open up about their issues.

On the first session, your psychologist is typically trying to gain an understanding of you and the problems that brought you to therapy. Most of the questions will tend to be easy, open-ended focused on expanding the conversation and obtaining a general idea of your life. Questions will typically focus on what’s brought you to therapy, whether you have been to therapy before, your point of view on the problem and how it developed, some information about your childhood and your goals of the therapy.

Psychologists can diagnose Psychological Disorders and determine the best course of treatment. They would sometimes recommend different courses of treatment or seeking the help of other professionals such as a psychiatrist, speech therapist, occupational therapist.


I had been to a few therapists in Dubai and struggled with finding a therapy style that suited me so finding Reem was a relief, she tailored my therapy to me, rather than the other way around. Reem challenged me and pushed me when I needed it, but also let us work at a pace that I was comfortable at rather than a prescribed programme. I really cannot recommend Reem enough.

S.A | 29 years


I visited Reem for the first time in her clinic in November 2016. I was struggling with my behavioral substance abuse for years. I was desperate, full of shame, overwhelmed with self-loathing, and depressed. After two and a half years in therapy, I’m now hopeful and willing to embrace the change, as I finally learned how to forgive, accept, love, and be myself. During my recovery journey Reem was supportive, compassionate, and a very patient therapist. She would never limit her support to the sessions. Recovery is yet to conclude; it’s a life-long journey that requires persistence and self-awareness. But it also becomes possible when someone have the right support from people who care. I’m hopeful, as I’m confident that someone will always be there for me.

M.A | 47 years


I have gone for a first consultation in the midst of a full blown pandemic, after being recommended by someone Though the initial match was random, from the first session I felt that ehe therapist at BE Clinic understood my struggle, and more importantly, which ‘language” to speak with me. After only a couple of sessions , we had hit on major issues underlying what I thought was my main struggle (hypochondria or what we referred to now as illness disorder). Surely COVID19 has triggered many such issues, but for those like me always on the verge of total relapse after years being on the ‘right’ path, the weight was becoming too unbearable and was severely affecting many aspects of my life.

M.G | 43 years


I started therapy after having an eating disorder relapse. I was desperate, feeling guilty and faced a lot of stress and anxiety. The therapist at BE Clinic made me feel comfortable and it was easy for me to open up to him. He provided me with excellent strategies to overcome my issues. My sessions helped me understand what I am going through and the reasons behind it. The result was not only my recovery, but also an improvement in my life quality.

J.B | 39 years


I came to the conclusion that I needed some help to manage my anger after an incident where I lost my temper to a point that I scared myself. I have always had a short fuse, and my patience with others was also close to zero. I used to blow up at both those close to me, and with complete strangers on a regular basis.

A.C | 50 years


From walking on a thin line of a restricted self to be able to feel life’; is how I would describe my journey with Reem. She understood me and allowed me to be myself without being judged and most importantly she helped me help myself and I can’t be grateful enough.

H.I | 25 years


The therapist at BE Clinic had been my therapist for the period of time before I moved back to my home country. He was a great support to have concerning the transition I was preparing to go through, as well as my personal struggles. He provided me with new perspectives on my emotions and thought processes, which made the whole thing very educational and eye-opening. I was able to see hard times in my life in a different light, and to see myself as more than just my appearance owing to the exercises and discussions we had.

N.B | 19 years


Today, it’s easy for me to say that my journey had a very positive change when I decided to share with Reem my fears and thoughts. I’m glad about this experience! Reem helped me in every session to learn how to look inside, to recognize several emotions which I never had looked into with compassion. I am very proud and grateful of everything we did together.

H.I | 25 years

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