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Karim Noureldin

karim noureldin mental health practitioner

Karim Noureldin

Mental Health Practitioner

I work with a diverse range of adults and adolescents, spanning various age groups, genders, ethnic backgrounds, and sexual orientations. My approach revolves around cultivating a safe, warm, and inclusive atmosphere. The healing process unfolds as we construct an alliance that not only empowers my clients to delve into their inner reservoir of strength but also facilitates a profound connection with their authentic selves. I focus on meeting my clients where they are and tailoring the treatment to fit their needs and therapy goals.


Karim is certified by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). He is a British Psychological Association (MBPsS) member, and his UAE license is under process . Karim’s qualifications extend to a comprehensive one-year integrative Clinical Hypnotherapy training and certification at the esteemed EKAA Institute of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy. He obtained his Master of Science in Psychology with a specialization in Health from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

In addition to his extensive academic background, Karim has received training in foundational Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Therapy (MBSR). This multifaceted training equips him with a diverse toolkit to address various psychological concerns.

Qualifications & Experience

Karim has experience working with individuals dealing with trauma, grief, separation, anxiety, depression, stress, and adjustment/transition issues. His compassionate and knowledgeable approach makes him a welcoming and trusted resource for those seeking support for their psychological well-being.

Clinical Hypnotherapy entails engaging in a therapeutic conversation while immersed in a state of heightened concentration, similar to a light sleep characterized by alpha brainwave activity, much like the meditative state. This state often brings about relaxation and rejuvenation as welcome byproducts of the process.

For optimal outcomes, Clinical Hypnotherapy tends to be most effective with individuals who exhibit open-mindedness and susceptibility to suggestion, as assessed through suggestibility tests administered by the hypnotherapist.

As a hypnotherapist, Karim guides you through a personalized induction designed to facilitate the attainment of a hypnotized state. This state is a channel for fostering communication between your conscious and unconscious mind, facilitating therapeutic interventions. It has the potential to unlock repressed materials, rendering them accessible for deeper analysis and the subsequent healing process.

Within Clinical Hypnotherapy, Karim employs diverse techniques to address a broad spectrum of concerns, including but not limited to fears, phobias, anxiety, smoking cessation, stress, grief, trauma, and relationship attachments. These techniques encompass Systematic Desensitization, exposure therapy for fears and phobias, and Gestalt methods such as Psychodrama that provide adequate pathways for resolving issues and conflicts within relationships.

Karim’s therapeutic toolkit encompasses Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness practices, meditation-based therapies. Additionally, Karim harnesses powerful tools such as inner child and ego state therapy within a clinical hypnotherapy framework, which prove highly effective in the healing process, particularly in addressing attachments and unresolved traumas. Embracing a holistic perspective grounded in attachment theory, Karim utilizes the biopsychosocial model to tailor interventions precisely to your needs, ensuring a comprehensive and practical approach to therapy.

In Karim’s role as an Arabic-speaking male therapist, he recognizes that societal and cultural expectations can often impede men from seeking therapy, thus perpetuating the surrounding stigma. Karim’s objective, however, is to break these barriers and create a safe, inclusive, and inviting environment conducive to advancing men’s mental well-being in our bustling society. His overarching goal is to normalize the idea of men proactively addressing their mental health concerns and to empower them within a nurturing and supportive context.

Furthermore, Karim’s practice explores the profound impact of early childhood experiences on an individual’s life journey. By nurturing corrective experiences during therapy, his objective is to initiate a transformative process of healing that ripples through his clients’ interpersonal relationships and interactions within society. Through this method, Karim’s clients understand the deeply ingrained beliefs influencing their actions and emotions, ultimately leading to enduring and meaningful change.

Lastly, Karim has a strong passion for research and expertise in empirical research, encompassing quantitative and qualitative methodologies. He is enthusiastic about offering his services for tutoring psychology students and providing consultation to researchers seeking assistance in research design and data analysis.

The decision to embark on the path of therapy represents a courageous step towards achieving holistic well-being. With Karim’s guidance, clients embark on this journey with him, exploring uncharted territory, nurturing personal growth, and setting the foundation for a more fulfilling life.

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