High Functioning Depression


High Functioning Depression – Its Symptoms & Reasons Behind It

We often hear mothers complaining that they have become irritable with their children. Men expressing that going to work has become a torturous experience. For other individuals, it can be a loss of interest in one’s appearance or the appearance of house. These symptoms and others tend to be ignored. In a demanding city like Dubai, with most individuals having no extended family support, it becomes imperative for most individuals to keep their lives going. So at the expense of their psychological wellbeing, many individuals will just pretend that they aren’t struggling. Yet these symptoms are often associated with high functioning depression.

High functioning depression is amongst the most neglected mental illnesses. The difficulty of struggling with high functioning depression is that the symptoms can be misconstrued as just a burn out hence many individuals just treat it by going away on vacation. The symptoms can vary but it includes irritability, increased anxiety, letting go of things once cared about such as appearance, hobbies, clean house and work becomes a torturous experience.



Why We Should Pay Attention to Depression Symptoms

Some individuals often become critical of themselves, question the meaning of their lives, and even abuse substances such as alcohol. When the symptoms don’t subside, individuals can engage in dysfunctional behaviors. Those behaviors may include substance abuse, eating disorders, abuse of plastic surgeries, and overall mental health wellbeing decline. These symptoms also can affect the relationship between spouses, friends and family members. It is usually at the point that individuals seek help for their symptoms. However, it is important to address the depression when experiencing the first signs of it. Mental health wellbeing is just as physical health it needs to be constantly checked and maintained to be able to lead a healthy life.

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