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Being a couple can have its challenges, it can be hard to create a family in today’s diverse world. Marriage counseling- also referred to as relationship therapy or couples counseling- uses the latest evidence-based research and practices to address issues in the relationship and acquire new skills to resolve conflict, communicate effectively and empower healthy growth.

Couple Therapy to Better Understand Each Other

A common goal of marriage counseling is to improve verbal and non-verbal communication, identify strengths in both yourself and your partner, and increase intimacy. Our marriage counselor will encourage the couple to examine their perception of the relationship and take accountability for their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
Qualified marriage counselors at BE Psychology Center will also help couples develop a deeper connection and understanding of each other’s needs. The marriage therapist will focus on establishing a safe space for the couple to examine, discuss and express their conflicts and establish a new form of effective communication. This allows the couple to be each other’s source of support and pleasure.

couples and marriage counselors at be psychology center

Let's Find a Solution Together

Each couple should have a chance to save their relationship. We can help you with identifying the root of your conflict and providing answers on how to avoid a break-up.

Situations when Marriage & Couples Counseling Could Help You

Our marriage counseling services in Dubai with our therapists encourage couples to look at the relationship objectively and identify possible unhealthy patterns, toxic behaviors and the possible strengths that can be used to improve the marriage quality.
It’s also possible to have pre-marriage counseling with one of our couples counselors. This could help your couple to find any misunderstanding even between both of you before your marriage and to clarify all expectations to prevent any major conflicts in the future.
Couple therapy also helps with decisions revolving separation or divorce. They work with their clients on finding the best way to communicate those decisions to their children and loved ones.

What are The Risks & Side Effects Associated With Couples & Marriage Counseling?

Couples and marriage counseling, also known as couples therapy or couples counseling, is a valuable resource for couples experiencing relationship difficulties. Like other forms of therapy, it can have both benefits and potential risks or side effects. Here are some of the risks and side effects associated with couples and marriage counseling:

  • Increased conflict: In the initial stages of counseling, couples may experience an increase in conflict as underlying issues are brought to the surface. This can be uncomfortable and challenging.
  • Emotional discomfort: Discussing relationship problems and emotions can be emotionally taxing, leading to discomfort and distress for both partners.
  • Resistance or reluctance: One or both partners may be resistant or reluctant to participate in counseling, which can hinder progress.
  • Blame and defensiveness: Couples may initially engage in blaming and defensive behaviors during sessions, which can hinder effective communication and resolution.

To mitigate these risks and maximize the effectiveness of couples and marriage counseling:

  • Choose the right therapist: It’s essential to select a qualified and experienced therapist who specializes in couples and marriage counseling and has a track record of helping couples with their unique issues.
  • Commit to the process: Couples therapy often requires commitment from both partners to attend sessions regularly and actively participate in the therapeutic process.
  • Open communication: Honest and open communication with the therapist and with each other is crucial for effective counseling.
  • Be patient: Improvements in the relationship may take time, and it’s important to be patient with the process and with each other.
  • Consider individual therapy: In some cases, individual therapy for one or both partners alongside couples counseling may be beneficial to address personal issues that contribute to relationship problems.

Couples and marriage counseling can be highly effective in helping couples improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their relationships. The potential risks and side effects should not deter couples from seeking help when they are facing difficulties, but rather serve as considerations to navigate the process more effectively.

Meet Our Qualified Couple Counselors

At BE Psychology Center we believe that relationships like everything else goes through conflict, and sometimes difficult times. Our Psychologists work with couples and families to create intimate, meaningful and strong communication.



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FAQ's about Marriage & Couples Counseling

It is a type of psychotherapy where an experienced trained counselor helps a couple improve their relationship, communication skills, resolve their conflicts and enhance their marriage. The therapy includes both partners and provides them with an opportunity to discuss their marriage in a safe, objective and compassionate environment.

Couples therapy can be an opportunity to take a step back, examine the relationship, and honestly explore what is missing in it. From those discussions, the couple can make a decision on whether or not they want to move forward with their relationship or end it. In both cases, the counselor provides the couple with the help and support to attain the relationship they are hoping for.

Couples should consider going to therapy if they are experiencing the following difficulties:

  1. Communication issues: if one or both partners are feeling unable to express themselves or their needs to the other.
  2. Sexual difficulties: if one or both partners aren’t interested or are not satisfied with the sexual relationship.
  3. Conflict on how to raise the children and or blending in the family: if the couple cannot agree and are constantly arguing about their children’s upbringing or communications with their family of origins.
  4. Alcohol or substance use / abuse: if one or both partners are engaged in a dysfunctional relationship with drugs or alcohol.
  5. Infidelity: if one or both partners had extra-marital affairs.

The above mentioned are a few reasons for couples to seek the professional help of a counseling psychologist.

The length of the therapy is determined by the commitment of the couple to the process. It is also defined by the issues being presented at the beginning of the process as well as what the couple is aiming to reach from the therapy.

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