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Individual Psychotherapy & Counseling

BE Psychology Center for Emotional Wellbeing is home to highly trained Psychologists in Dubai. Our Individual Counseling services focus on prioritizing the needs of each client and tailoring the therapy to achieve their therapeutic goals. Our psychologists believe in empowering individuals to overcome their struggles and become the most authentic version of themselves.

Why Chose Individual Therapy with Us?

At BE Psychology Center, we have adopted a holistic approach to Mental health and Wellness. Here we combine specialists from different approaches of therapy, applying a range of assessment tools to guide the treatment plan and help all clients reach their goals.

Here we are constantly learning about the latest techniques in therapy to offer exclusive services to our clients in complete confidentiality. Counselors that work at BE Psychology Center have years of practicing therapy in Dubai. They ensure that they continue to be trained in the latest therapy approaches and the evidence-based practice to warrant the best Counseling services to all clients.

why chose individual therapy with be psychology center

We Will Help You

At BE Psychology Center we have adopted a holistic approach to Mental health and Wellness. Our center combines specialists from different approaches of psychotherapy, applying a range of assessment tools to guide the treatment plan and help our clients reach their goals.

Our Mission as Individual Counselors

BE Psychology Center’s mission is dedicated toward offering a safe, compassionate and confidential environment for therapy in Dubai. We believe that Mental health is as important as physical health and are committed to provide Counseling services to as many people in the community as we can.

Our Founder Reem Shaheen is a graduate Psychologist of New York University where she received training on adult counseling and therapy. She further continued her education at the Center of the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia (CSAB) where she trained extensively on the latest evidence practice therapy approaches for Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse. Reem has been in private practice for 12 years now, having practiced in NYC, Cairo and now in Dubai. She brings an eclectic understanding to Counseling and aims for BE Psychology Center to be an exclusive boutique Therapy clinic in Dubai.

There are plenty of reasons a person can look for individual therapy, here are just some of them:

What are The Risks & Side Effects Associated With Individual Psychotherapy?

Individual psychotherapy is a widely used and effective form of mental health treatment. While it is generally safe and beneficial, there can be potential risks or side effects to consider. These risks are typically minimal, but they can vary depending on the individual, the therapist, and the type of therapy being used. Here are some potential considerations associated with Individual psychotherapy:

  • Temporary Emotional Discomfort: Discussing and exploring deeply rooted emotional issues or traumatic experiences can sometimes lead to temporary emotional discomfort or distress. This is a normal part of the therapeutic process as individuals work through their feelings.
  • Resistance and Defensiveness: Some individuals may initially resist therapy or become defensive when discussing sensitive topics. This resistance can hinder progress in therapy and may require time to address.
  • Reliving Trauma: In therapies that involve processing traumatic experiences (e.g., exposure therapy, trauma-focused therapy), individuals may temporarily relive or vividly remember traumatic events. Therapists use techniques to ensure this is done safely and with support.
  • Dependency on Therapy: There is a risk that some individuals may become overly dependent on therapy sessions, relying solely on the therapist to manage their emotions and challenges. A good therapist works to empower clients to develop self-sufficiency.
  • No Immediate Resolution: Psychotherapy may not lead to immediate resolution of complex psychological issues. It may take time and consistent effort to see lasting improvements.

It’s important to remember that the potential risks and side effects of individual psychotherapy are typically manageable, and skilled therapists are trained to address these challenges effectively. Therapy often results in significant benefits, such as symptom reduction, improved coping skills, enhanced self-awareness, and better overall well-being. Open communication with the therapist and a collaborative approach to treatment can help manage and mitigate any potential risks or side effects that may arise during therapy.

Meet Our Qualified Team of Psychologists

At BE Psychology Center for Emotional Wellbeing we’re constantly learning about the latest techniques in individual therapy to offer exclusive services to our clients in complete confidentiality.



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