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Substance Abuse Counseling

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Substance abuse is a psychological disorder characterized by the inability of the individual to stop consuming and using a legal or illegal substance. Substance abuse is not limited to substances, it can also be to a process such as gambling, shopping, plastic surgeries and sex.

In Substance abuse therapy, a drug / alcohol counselor works with individuals on the deep-rooted issues that contributed to the development of the disorder. Substance abuse therapists explore with the client their history of substance and alcohol use. The alcohol and substance therapy then moves into exploring healthy behaviors to replace the dysfunctional ones.

What Is The Meaning of Substance abuse Counselor?

A substance abuse counselor is a qualified clinical or counseling psychologist who is trained in working with substance abuse and dependence. Ideally, a substance abuse counselor has received additional training to the one received with their degrees. In substance abuse counseling, the focus is to understand the underlying circumstances that led to substance abuse. The counselor and client work together to understand the function of the dependency and the role that the drug fulfills in the individual’s life. Recovery is achieved by redefining one’s relationship with the drug and developing other connections with the surrounding. 

When Can Substance Abuse Therapy Help You?

It is often hard for individuals to seek the help of a substance abuse specialist in Dubai, however, if you are struggling with the following symptoms then drug and alcohol abuse treatment could be beneficial for you:

  • Unable to stop using alcohol, drug and or engaging in the behavior
  • Continuing to use the drug despite negative implications on personal and professional life
  • Experiencing discomfort and withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit the drug
when substance abuse counseling can help you

What are The Risks & Side Effects Associated With Substance Abuse Counseling?

Substance abuse counseling is a critical component of addiction treatment and recovery. While it is generally safe and beneficial, there can be potential risks or side effects to consider, especially in the context of addressing addiction and substance use disorders. These risks can vary depending on the individual, the type of counseling, and the specific circumstances. Here are some potential considerations associated with Substance abuse counseling:

  • Emotional Discomfort: Substance abuse counseling often involves discussing and addressing difficult emotions, past traumas, and the underlying reasons for substance use. This process can be emotionally challenging and may lead to temporary distress.
  • Withdrawal Symptoms: For individuals with substance use disorders who are in the early stages of recovery, therapy may coincide with withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be physically and emotionally uncomfortable and can affect the individual’s ability to engage fully in counseling.
  • Resisting Treatment: Some individuals may initially resist or be hesitant to engage in substance abuse counseling, particularly if they are not yet ready to change their substance use behaviors. This resistance can slow down the treatment process.
  • Relapse: Relapse is a common concern in addiction recovery. While substance abuse counseling can provide tools and coping strategies to prevent relapse, there is still a risk that some individuals may relapse during or after therapy.
  • Dependency on Counseling: There is a risk that some individuals may become overly dependent on counseling sessions, relying solely on the counselor to manage their addiction. The goal of therapy should be to empower individuals to develop self-sufficiency in their recovery.


It’s essential to remember that the potential risks and side effects of substance abuse counseling are typically manageable, and skilled counselors are trained to address these challenges effectively. The benefits of counseling often include increased self-awareness, the development of coping strategies, relapse prevention, and improved overall well-being. Open communication with the counselor, active participation in the therapeutic process, and ongoing support from a counselor can help manage and mitigate any potential risks or side effects associated with substance abuse counseling.

Psychotherapy can be a difficult and emotionally painful process. The symptoms that individuals present in the first session are usually the indication of the problem rather than being the problem. The process of psychotherapy is to slowly unveil the suppressed emotional pain, and release. There are no physical risks associated with the process however some individuals can struggle with exacerbation of symptoms at the beginning of the process. Those usually can be managed by speaking to the Psychologist and focusing on exploring some coping tools before endeavoring further into the emotional struggles. The rest of the risks mainly have to do with the Psychologist, so someone with half a day training in Eating disorders, substance abuse, trauma, depression  will cause more harm than good, because this population usually suffers from complex traumas. 

Don't Be Afraid to Talk to a Substance Abuse

Together, we will find a way to overcome your substance abuse. Reach out to us and our qualified psychologists will show you the bright side of living without any substance abuse and teach you how to start enjoying your life!

Types of Substance Abuse We Help With

At BE Psychology Center, our alcohol and substance abuse therapy is based on the latest evidence-based interventions to help you restore your life. Contact us if you are struggling with the following substance abuse issues:

Meet Our Qualified Substance Abuse Psychologists

Our substance abuse therapists in Dubai are also trained in staging interventions upon the request of their families to motivate struggling individuals to embark on alcohol or substance abuse treatment. Our alcohol and substance abuse counseling includes working with the partners and families as well as the individual to ensure that the entire family system is receiving the needed support.



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