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An exclusive, private and personal space for healing, we offer a holistic approach to mental health and wellness. Anchored in research and evidence-based practice, we provide proven therapy techniques with confidentiality, compassion and sensitivity, helping you develop healthy coping mechanisms to face life's challenges.

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Our values

At BE we hold ourselves to a number of values to ensure the wellbeing of the individual.

  • Our psychologists in Dubai are trained in the latest evidence-based interventions that demonstrates effective change.
  • We believe that therapy should be tailored to the needs of the individual and ensure that our clients feel heard, and supported in a safe, compassionate environment.
  • We are committed to understanding different cultures and helping our clients integrate within it without feeling judged.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of confidentiality, professional conduct and commitment to the mental health wellness of our clients.

Our hand-chosen team of highly qualified psychologists

At BE psychology center for Emotional Wellbeing we’re constantly learning about the latest techniques in psychotherapy to offer exclusive services to our clients in complete confidentiality.

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What our clients say


I had been to a few therapists in Dubai and struggled with finding a therapy style that suited me so finding Reem was a relief, she tailored my therapy to me, rather than the other way around. Reem challenged me and pushed me when I needed it, but also let us work at a pace that I was comfortable at rather than a prescribed programme. I really cannot recommend Reem enough.

S.A | 29 years


I visited Reem for the first time in her clinic in November 2016. I was struggling with my behavioral substance abuse for years. I was desperate, full of shame, overwhelmed with self-loathing, and depressed. After two and a half years in therapy, I’m now hopeful and willing to embrace the change, as I finally learned how to forgive, accept, love, and be myself. During my recovery journey Reem was supportive, compassionate, and a very patient therapist. She would never limit her support to the sessions. Recovery is yet to conclude; it’s a life-long journey that requires persistence and self-awareness. But it also becomes possible when someone have the right support from people who care. I’m hopeful, as I’m confident that someone will always be there for me.

M.A | 47 years


I have gone for a first consultation in the midst of a full blown pandemic, after being recommended by someone Though the initial match was random, from the first session I felt that ehe therapist at BE Clinic understood my struggle, and more importantly, which ‘language” to speak with me. After only a couple of sessions , we had hit on major issues underlying what I thought was my main struggle (hypochondria or what we referred to now as illness disorder). Surely COVID19 has triggered many such issues, but for those like me always on the verge of total relapse after years being on the ‘right’ path, the weight was becoming too unbearable and was severely affecting many aspects of my life.

M.G | 43 years


I started therapy after having an eating disorder relapse. I was desperate, feeling guilty and faced a lot of stress and anxiety. The therapist at BE Clinic made me feel comfortable and it was easy for me to open up to him. He provided me with excellent strategies to overcome my issues. My sessions helped me understand what I am going through and the reasons behind it. The result was not only my recovery, but also an improvement in my life quality.

J.B | 39 years


I came to the conclusion that I needed some help to manage my anger after an incident where I lost my temper to a point that I scared myself. I have always had a short fuse, and my patience with others was also close to zero. I used to blow up at both those close to me, and with complete strangers on a regular basis.

A.C | 50 years


From walking on a thin line of a restricted self to be able to feel life’; is how I would describe my journey with Reem. She understood me and allowed me to be myself without being judged and most importantly she helped me help myself and I can’t be grateful enough.

H.I | 25 years


The therapist at BE Clinic had been my therapist for the period of time before I moved back to my home country. He was a great support to have concerning the transition I was preparing to go through, as well as my personal struggles. He provided me with new perspectives on my emotions and thought processes, which made the whole thing very educational and eye-opening. I was able to see hard times in my life in a different light, and to see myself as more than just my appearance owing to the exercises and discussions we had.

N.B | 19 years


Today, it’s easy for me to say that my journey had a very positive change when I decided to share with Reem my fears and thoughts. I’m glad about this experience! Reem helped me in every session to learn how to look inside, to recognize several emotions which I never had looked into with compassion. I am very proud and grateful of everything we did together.

H.I | 25 years

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